Retail is for passionate people

I genuinely think that I was born for retail. It’s something that I love deeply and passionately and it comes so naturally to me. I love every single thing about it, even the parts that everyone hates. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think its for everyone, a large percentage of people that work in retail shouldn’t. I’m sure everybody has been served by that “check out chick” who seems checked out. That guy in a phone store who seems annoyed that you’re asking so many questions. Retail is a career for the passionate few out there.

Customer service is the name of the game and is the main reason most people don’t like retail. Customers are needy. That’s what customer service is, you are servicing the need of a customer. If you don’t like going out of your way to help someone with no certainty on the ROI, don’t work in retail. Its pretty simple.

Customer service is ironically about the customer. Your intentions have to be genuine. You need to want the best outcome for a customer possible, every time! When I say that I mean that in an all encompassing way. Its not about you hitting your sales target, its not about how you’re feeling today, its not about how your boss is putting pressure on you, its not about you! It’s about the customer.

Customer service is about over-delivering. People these days are too caught up in how they feel and how it makes them look. We definitely live in a world of me. If you want to work in retail or customer service and be amazing at it, you need to keep your ego in check. You’re opinions and feelings mean nothing. When your end goal is to have the best outcome for a customer, the customer can feel that and will respond with loyalty.

Being genuine and caring towards a customer, who in most cases is a practical stranger, is win-win. Your customer receives value and the customer service they deserve and you win a new, long term customer that will be loyal and even champion your business.

Retail is for people that are passionate about people. If you have a genuine love of helping people, you could be built for retail too. Why not give it a go?


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